📘How to remove liquidity

After being a liquidity provider for a period of time, you can choose to remove your liquidity from the pool to get your tokens back along with accumulated fees.

The steps below are necessary for you to remove liquidity safely.

Step 1: Connect your wallet to forbitswap and click “Pool”

Connect any supported wallet of Aptos Network that you can use to forbitswap and click the “Pool” tab

On the pool tab, you can see your liquidity. And then select the pool you want to remove liquidity.

Step 2: Removing liquidity from a forbitswap pool

Choose the amount of liquidity you want to remove from the pool.

Click the ”Remove” button to remove your liquidity from the pool. Your LP tokens will be burnt and you’ll receive your tokens along with accumulated fees.

As the price and the number of tokens in the pool have changed, you will receive different amounts of tokens with some impermanent loss.

Click "Confirm Supply"

Step 3: Confirm with your wallet

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